The North Storm operation is going on in Syria’s Aleppo, one of the most important strongholds for militants near Turkey borders.

The army has managed to deploy its units through half of the province and surround the northern areas which are under occupation of terrorists and have been scene of vicious killings, abduction and torture of citizens throughout the crisis in Syria.

According to a military commander who talked to a reporter, the army has anticipated a five - day long operation to clear the whole province from militants.

By defeating the militants in Aleppo, the army can cut another one of their important supply routes which passes through Turkey borders.

In a recent major operation in western town of Qusayr which lies near Lebanon borders, army could successfully free the whole area from presence of terrorist groups and cut their main supply route.

Clashes are also reported near capital Damascus and Rif Dimashq.

Syrian army has made considerable gains against foreign - backed terrorists during the past months, which has made many of them either flee or surrender.

However with the support of the United States and its western and regional allies for arming the militants, concerns are still high for Syrian people who have suffered a massive bloodshed for more than two year.

The United States is going to decide this week whether to provide lethal aid to the militants to fight against the government.

Militant leaders have warned Washington that they could suffer heavy losses without lethal support.

They also announced that they will not take parts in dialogues to end the bloodshed unless they receive more arms from their foreign supporters.