Hundreds of Syrians have held a rally in Qusayr to celebrate town’s freedom from the intense occupation of terrorist groups.

The demonstrators, waving Syrian flags and chanting nationalistic slogans, marched through the streets of Qusayr on Sunday.

They expressed their trust in the ability of the Syrian security forces to confront terrorists and protect the homeland against plots hatched by their country’s enemies.

Homs governor Ahmad Munir Mohammad, who was leading the rally, said that the public services destroyed by terrorists would be restored soon.

Former Lebanese MP, Hassan Yaacoub, who also participated in the demonstration, said that Syria ' s enemies sought to destroy it but failed “due to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and bravery of the Syrian army. ”

Last week, Syrian troops established control over Qusayr following weeks of heavy clashes with foreign - backed militants.

There have been reports of heavy clashes between government forces and militants in Aleppo, Latakia, Idlib, Deir Ezzor and several Damascus suburbs.

The largest military operation is now being conducted in Aleppo which after freedom of Qusayr is now considered to be the most important stronghold for militants and terrorist groups.

Aleppo which lies near Turkey’s border is a main supply route for militants group to bring in forces and arms from Turkey which has been one of the strong supporters of the insurgency in its neighboring Syria.