Britain’s parliament will vote on whether to start sending arms to the militants in Syria, the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has said.

No decision on sending arms to Syria militants had yet been taken, Hague assured on Sunday in an interview.

“There would be a vote one way or the other, ” the British foreign secretary added, admitting that not everyone supports such a move in the country.

Some people have “understandable concerns, ” he said.

Despite Britain had lobbied vigorously to lift the EU embargo on arms shipments to militants side by side with France, the UK government now appears to be split on the issue.

Some ministers fear that sending arms to militants would not only worsen the bloodshed in Syria, but also drag Britain into the conflict.

Hague also remained skeptical of the two conflicting sides coming together at a Geneva peace conference, and blamed the recent gains of the Syrian army to free the occupied towns for making negotiations less possible.

“The regime has gained ground. That makes the Geneva conference harder to bring about and to make a success, ” Hague argued.

The UK Foreign Secretary was apparently referring to the retaking of the strategic western Syrian town of Qusayr on the border with Lebanon, which is believed to have cut an important supply route for the terrorist groups, especially al - Nusra Front.

Russia has blasted the EU’s move to lift the Syrian arms embargo as “an unlawful” decision and “an example of double standards. ”

“This is an unlawful decision, in principle, to discuss seriously on official level the issue of supplying or not supplying arms to non - state actors is contrary to all norms of international law, ” the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, citing the Global Arms Trade Treaty, which allows supplying arms to governments only.

Meanwhile, a report by the so - called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said militants shot down a 15 - year - old child in front of his parents for what they considered a “blasphemy. ”

“An unidentified rebel group shot dead a 15 - year - old child who worked as a coffee seller in Aleppo, after they accused him of blasphemy, ” the Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman said.

“They shot the boy twice, once in the mouth, another in his neck, in front of his mother, his father and his siblings, ” Abdel Rahman said, detailing the atrocity.