Syrian President Bashar al - Assad stressed that his country is on the way of overcoming bottleneck that has been squeezing it during the past two years.

Lebanon ' s Al - Akhbar daily quoted Assad as affirming that the mean game played by the West and its allies will come to an end.

He further revealed that the western countries have recently rushed to offer under - the - table great deals to guarantee their shares in construction, oil and gas extraction, given the fact that large amount of reserves were discovered along the Syrian coast, Alahednews reported. " Even the World Bank, which totally moves based on US orders, offered me a " generous " deal: $21 billion loan with concessional terms, showing a wish in financing all the reconstruction projects, " Assad unveiled. He also hinted that the Bank ' s offer was passed through the Godfather of privatization in Syria Abdallah al - Dardari. Assad, according to al - Akhbar, totally rejected the offer as he took his final decisions regarding all the reconstruction offers. In parallel, the Syrian President stated that " all what preoccupies his thinking in the current stage is the war aftermath, particularly how to deal with this huge devastation that hit various Syrian regions and how to ease the pain of people who lost their loved ones, homes, fortune, and livelihood sources. " Assad also expressed his deep and great concern over the spread of sectarianism in the other Arab countries. " Sectarianism disease represents a serious threat to the existence of the nation and its future. Thus, we should work hard to confront and eradicate it, " the daily quoted al - Assad as saying. Regarding the opening of the Golan front, Assad stressed that this issue is serious. However, he confirmed that he is not thinking about establishing a formal resistance that launches random shells from time to time. " This will leave the enemy with an upper hand. " " We seek to establish a real continuous well - organized and effective resistance which draws the battle field based on its interests just like the Resistance of Hezbollah in South Lebanon, " Al - Assad added. Moreover, the head of the Syrian state didn ' t forget his friends. " We granted the right to extract Syrian oil to a Russian company, " he said, expressing full confidence that the Russians will not change their position in Syria. Al - Assad also highlighted that Russia is in fact defending its security and strategic national interests, which will be threatened if the West and its followers managed to put their hands on Syria. On the reconstruction level, he clarified that the Chinese companies are ready to do their part in this area. " We reached an agreement on this level. " Assad said that he is not very positive that Geneva 2 will lead to great results because those who will be sitting on the other side of the table will not be able to decide for the armed groups on the ground, and also because opposition sides inside and outside Syria are divided due to many disputes.