A former Lebanese legislator blasted the Zionist regime for trying to intensify tensions in Syria, and said Israel had an operation room in al - Qusseir city which was the scene of heavy clashes between the Syrian army and the rebel groups in recent weeks.

" A number of foreign experts, including Israeli experts, were present in al - Qusseir, " Nasser Qandil said at a conference in Lebanon on Monday.

" Israel had an operation room in Al - Qusseir because it believed that the presence of terrorists in al - Qusseir and managing the scene in Syria from that city could help lay siege on the Lebanese resistance in Harmal region(in Northeastern Lebanon and near the border with Syria), " he added. The Syrian army announced in May that it found an Israeli military vehicle during its wide - scale attack in the central city of al - Qusseir. According to the report, the vehicle was found along with tapping and jamming devices in al - Qusseir where the Syrian army has taken full control over the entire Eastern part of the strategic city near the borders with Lebanon. The Syrian Arab News Agency and the state - TV ran footage of the vehicle, reiterating the government ' s accusation that the latest Israeli raid against Damascus aimed at weakening the abilities of the Syrian army and giving a hand to rebels in al - Qusseir and elsewhere in the country. They said that the discovery proves that the Free Army and the al - Qaeda - linked al - Nusra Front are " just titles for an entity that is being led by Israel, Turkey and Qatar ". Early in May, Israeli rockets struck the Jamraya research center in the vicinity of the Syrian capital, Damascus. Syria said the Israeli regime had carried out an airstrike targeting a research center in a suburb of Damascus after heavy losses were inflicted on al - Qaeda - affiliated groups by the Syrian army. Syria ' s Foreign Ministry sent letters to the United Nations and its Security Council stating that Israel ' s aggression shows the links between Tel Aviv and terrorist groups operating in Syria including the al - Qaeda - linked al - Nusra Front. Syrian Information Minister Omran al - Zoabi told reporters in Damascus at the time that that Syria had the right and the duty to defend its people by all available means and it would not give in to Israeli acts of aggression. The Israeli attacks on Syria have made the Middle - East more dangerous, the Syrian information minister said. Also a senior Syrian military source told the Russia Today that the Zionist entity used depleted uranium shells in the strike in Syria. " When the explosion happened, it felt like an earthquake, and then a giant golden mushroom of fire appeared. This tells us that Israel used depleted uranium shells, " the source said. The Israeli aggression was Tel Aviv ' s second strike on Syria in three days and the third in the last five months. The Jamraya facility was also targeted in an Israeli airstrike in January.