At least one person has been killed and more than 20 others injured in clashes between supporters of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and anti - government protesters in the northern town of Damanhour.
The clashes broke out on Thursday between members of the Brotherhood and the Youth Revolutionary Forces in the al-Sa’aa square. Security forces fired tear gas to disperse the two groups. Anti-government demonstrators staged another protest outside the city’s Creativity Center near the Egyptian lawyers’ syndicate office. On June 2, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi stated that he reinstated the Senate, known as Shura Council, after the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court ruled that the Senate and the panel that drafted the constitution were illegally elected and must be dissolved. The lower house of the parliament, dominated by Muslim Brotherhood lawmakers, was dissolved by a military decision in line with a ruling by the same court prior to the presidential election in June 2012. No date has been set for the parliamentary elections, but President Morsi had previously hinted that the vote could be held in October 2013.