A Syrian lawmaker says the victory of the Syrian army against foreign - backed terrorists in al - Qusayr has defused a plot aimed at implementing a “Benghazi scheme” in Syria.

Sharif Shehadeh said, " Qusayr was a key base for anti - government armed groups in Syria and regaining the control of the strategic town by army troops “has in fact blocked 60 percent of arms smuggling into Syria. ”

“In one word, the possibility of implementing a Benghazi plan in Syria is now over, ” he added, referring to the uprising in Libya which was prompted from western city of Benghazi after anti - government rebels seized it and overthrew the government of Libyan ex - dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

“Qusayr victory shows Syria’s military and security capabilities” in the face of the terrorist groups, he said.

The large amounts of ammunitions and military equipment confiscated from the militants groups in Qusayr show that the armed groups had turned the town as a main base for rebellion against the government, the Syrian parliamentarian said.

Shehadeh said victory in Qusayr changed the balance of power in favor of government forces and disappointed the governments supporting the terrorist groups.

He added that the US, France and Britain may change their minds regarding the situation in Syria due to new army achievements gained ahead of upcoming Geneva talks backed by Russia and the Unites states.

Syria has been struggling with a massively foreign - backed insurgency which has gripped the country since March 2011 and has left thousands of people and army soldiers dead.