A British broadsheet newspaper has dismissed the role Prime Minister David Cameron played over supporting al - Qaeda in Syria.

In a report release by Daily Telegraph on Thursday, the newspaper said just like Tony Blair over Iraq, David Cameron has lost touch with reality when it comes to Syria.

The longer a prime minister remains in 10 Downing Street, the more likely he or she is to go mad. Something of the sort happened to Gordon Brown and also, from 2003 onwards if not before, to Tony Blair. No prime minister has left office in full possession of his or her mental faculties since Jim Callaghan in early 1979, the report added.

“From the start, Mr Cameron(just like Mr Blair in Iraq) has been happy to entertain the proposition that this Syrian conflict is in essence a struggle between good and evil, ” the report said, adding that “but in fact, the militant were not nearly as good. ”

“As a result of this, the Prime Minister has got it wrong from the start. He massively underestimated Assad’s support and staying power. He was absurdly contemptuous of the Russians. Above all, he has failed to understand the(foreign backed) rebels, ” the report noted.

The report also went on to say that Cameron has made a great mistake of taking the Syrian National Coalition seriously.

It said Cameron wants to escalate the fighting by arranging military support to the militant groups. He told Parliament on Monday that he hopes this will “tip the balance” in their favor.

“Viewed from this wider perspective, Mr Cameron’s claim to be on the side of democracy and human rights, and against dictatorship, is not merely fraudulent – it is patently ridiculous, ” the report finalized.