Lebanese Caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour says that Lebanon would reject any attempt by the Arab League to brand Hezbollah a terrorist organization in response to the party’s heavy involvement in the fighting in Syria.

Mansur said A group of Hezbollah forces in an effort to prevent and preempt Alqsyr suburban families to support children and families in Lebanon against the armed groups.

Commenting on Brussels meeting participated by special committee of EU sanctions against Syria, Mansur said some members of Hezbollah resistance group are located near Qusayr strategic town only to defend Lebanese families against the violence of Syrian terrorist groups.

Mansour said that he would resist attempts to bring the organization " Hezbollah " in the list of terrorist groups, according to Islam Times.

The Minister said that " Hezbollah " is an integral part of the political structure of Lebanon and foreign powers should not make attempts to intervene in the matter, otherwise it will have serious consequences for the Lebanese people.

He also said that attempts to force the Lebanese government to act in accordance with the requirements of foreign powers tantamount to political blackmail.

" We do not want to politicize the issue, being able to, eventually, turn into a banal settling of accounts - said Mansour.

“We will continue to resist the pressure of Israel, and will not allow to link the Hezbollah with terrorism, as this initiative is against the principles of country’s safety and stability, ” he added.