Venezuela deported an American filmmaker on Wednesday more than a month after he was arrested on charges of spying for Washington and plotting to destabilize the South American nation.The American, identified as Timothy Hallet Tracy, was released from a Venezuelan prison on Wednesday and expelled from the country after he was arrested in April on charges of being a spy and plotting with the opposition against the new administration of President Nicolas Maduro.“The gringo, Timothy Tracy, caught spying in our country, has been expelled from national territory, ” Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez wrote in a message on his Twitter account.Venezuela said intelligence agents have had Tracy under surveillance since late 2012 and uncovered sufficient evidence he was plotting to provoke a “civil war” in the country, according to Reuters.The 35 - year old American filmmaker returned to the United States on a commercial flight. He was reportedly making a documentary in Venezuela ahead of its presidential election on April 14.Tracy’s release came ahead of a meeting between U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Venezualan counterpart, Elias Jaua, in Guatemala on the sidelines of an Organization of American States conference.“We have faith and confidence that this meeting marks the beginning of a relationship of respect and good relations, ” between Washington and Caracas, Jaua said, but he warned the U. S. against “meddling in internal affairs” of his country.Relations between the United States and Venezuela have been restrained for years. Both countries removed their ambassadors in 2010.