Nearly all the supply routes to the terrorist al - Nusra Front forces are cut following Syrian army’s successful operation in retaking the town from terrorist occupiers.

A correspondent, who was reporting from Qusayr after Syrian army’s victory against terrorists, said that the town is cleared now from armed groups and it is completely under army’s control.

“Terrorists had dug many tunnels in the town and they used to move around through these tunnels, ” he said adding that they had made the town one of their main bases and Qusayr was even considered as the “capital of armed groups specially the al - Nusra Front” by some of the countries who supported them.

According to the report, terrorists were supplied by advanced arms and military equipments which were probably sent by their foreign supporters.

“The army could successfully clear the town finally and the scores of bodies and graves shows terrorists’ heavy losses in this town, ” he added.

However, he said, this victory did not mean an end to the war in this region and the army is determined to chase those who fled to the surrounding areas and “conflicts will be going on in Qusayr”.

He said with the militants supply route being cut with the recent victory of the army, the foreign - backed armed groups are expected to suffer heavy consequences.

Syria has been struggling with a massive terrorist war which is supported by United States and its western and regional allies.

Why Qusayr is important, strategic significance