Religious Pakistani leader on Tuesday said that founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini(R. A.) was a multidimensional personality who challenged the hegemony of the imperialist forces.

Secretary General of Majlis Vahdat Muslemeen(MWM) Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffery paid homage to Imam Khomeini on his 24th death anniversary and said philosophy of late Imam inspired Muslims of the world. He said that Imam Khomeini had demonstrated to the world that Islam is not only a religion but a complete code of life. ˈImam was a great thinker, philosopher, religious scholar and visionary leader of the 20th century, ˈ said the MVM leader. He believes that teachings of Imam Khomeini will continue to inspire the oppressed nations. ˈImam was the true leader of oppressed, ˈ added Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffery. The politician noted that Imam had taught the world that religion and politics are interlinked. He went on to say that Imam Khomeini was a leader of principles. He added that Imam had brought a revolution that changed the fate of the Iranian nation. ˈThe Islamic Revolution of Iran is the revolution of the oppressed people, ˈ said the religious leader. He said that under the strong leadership of Imam Khomeini, Iranian nation had thrown away thousand years of old monarchy in Iran. Majlis Vahdat Muslemeen leader said that the Islamic Revolution of Iran is the source of inspiration for awakening movements in Muslim world. He added that late Imam had revived the issue of Palestine and struggled for the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation. He added that Imam Khomeini gave a true concept of Islam and set an example for the other Muslims countries. He viewed that Islamic Revolution fulfilled the aspirations of the people as Imam Khomeini refused to yield before Western powers. Raja Nasir Abbas Jaffery went on to say that people of Pakistan respect and admire the teachings of late Imam. ˈWe in Pakistan need a leader like Imam Khomeini, ˈ he said. The religious leader said that Majlis Vahdat Muslemeen is holding a series of programs across Pakistan to commemorate the 24th death anniversary of the founder of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini. He said that a seminar in this regards would be held in Lahore on June 16 in which large number of scholars, politicians, religious leaders and intellectuals would participate.