Syrian army continues its operation in al - Qusayr area, regaining more strategic towns in the region and cutting the supply routes of the foreign - backed militants fighting the Syrian government.

The Syrian Army staged a swift operation in the southwestern side of al - Qusayr city.

He stressed that the Syrian Army advanced in this front, inflicting heavy losses upon the armed groups.

Our correspondent also reported that the Syrian Army recaptures the town of Dhairej in the east of al - Qusayr countryside.

He described the recapture of this town as strategic since it helps to tighten grip around the foreign - backed militants and secure the entrances and the exits of al - Qusayr city.

Dhairej has vast arable lands that are connected to other neighboring lands, something that helps arms and militants smuggling from Lebanon’s eastern mountain range.

Al - Manar correspondent quoted a Syrian Army officer as saying that the town was a route for supplying the armed groups from Damascus to al - Qusayr.

“We have insured security in the town and forced the militants out of it. The town became secure area, ” the officer told our correspondent.