The issue of the status and importance of family in Islam is investigated in an educational course planned for women by Manchester Islamic Center, North West England.

The center has organized the course with the aim of familiarizing Muslims with Islamic principles and Quranic teachings.

The website of Manchester Islamic Centre(MIC) announced that numerous daily educational, social and sports activities are held in the centre, catering for both, children and adults. The centre offers as well special programs and events for new Muslims and non Muslim visitors.

The center has announced that sisters exert exceptional efforts in introducing Islam to non - Muslim women, and encourage them to inquire about Islam and its teachings. In addition, the sisters carry out numerous activities such as Qur’an studies and provide guidance and help to the new Muslims alongside other social activities.

Quran recitation and interpretation, history of Islam, Islamic injunctions and family issues in Islam are instructed at the center. Those interested to attend the educational course can refer to the center on Saturdays from 11 a. m. to 3:30 p. m. local time.

Manchester is a city and metropolitan borough in North West England with an estimated population of 503,000. The Greater Manchester also has one of the largest Muslim populations.