It was few hours after Bahraini Foreign Minister Khaled bin Ahmed Al Khalifa attacked Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah that Bahrainis themselves reacted against his attack.

People of Bahrain repudiated the words of their Foreign Minister, denied his words, and ridiculed him. Many of them posted on their Twitter accounts a picture of the minister beside a Zionist lobbyist in the United States.

Khalid bin Ahmad’s words ignited the Bahrainis so that the Consultative Head of the Al - Wefaq National Islamic Association Jamil Kazem wondered on his Twitter account: " If Nasrallah was a terrorist, what do you consider yourselves.

You are agents for the Zionists, you are the slaves of wealth and power, you are the tyrants and strangers who corrupted the Earth. "

" The terrorist is the one who kills innocent people, destroys mosques, dishonors people, makes them lose their livings, ignites sectarianism, granted nationalities, and stole the public fund, " Kazem added, noting that the Bahraini authorities killed more than 100 people who took to the streets to demand democracy. They also damaged more than 38 mosques and houses of worship.

" The terrorist is the one who funded, armed, beheaded, ate the hearts of people, and exploded mosques, funerals, churches, markets, and public squares, " he added.

Later on, Kazem said " Saving Palestine from the Jews is a national and religious duty on all of us, not only on Sayyed Nasrallah, oh Arabs! I forgot that the Zionists are their friends and allies. "

On his side, Bahraini activist Dr. Ibrahim Al - Aradi reminded Khaled bin Ahmad Al - Khalifa that he was not elected by people, his government is illegal; so he has no right to speak on behalf of the Bahraini people. " The shoes of any fighter in the Islamic resistance is more honorable than every official or minister who destroys the mosques, conspire against his people, and hide the criminals, " Al - Aradi added.

Furthermore, he said that " the statements and stances of Bahraini Foreign Minister indicate that this tribe doesn ' t have any pigeon for peace; they are all bloodthirsty. His level doesn ' t exceed a Twitter Minister. "

Addressing Sayyed Nasrallah, Al - Aradi said " Our leader, we know that oppression against the Bahraini people and the world challenges are in your heart. "

Don ' t Say Bahrain, Say the Foreign Minister: bin Ahmad Represents Himself A Bahraini citizen called " Akrawouwi " answered the Minister: " The Terrorist is Hamad(the Bahraini King) who kills innocent people, destroys mosques, rapes women, and tortures prisoners and symbols. " Another citizen called " noor ali " said: " don ' t say Bahrain, say the Foreign Minister. What he said represents him alone. "

Another one called " You can do nothing but killing me " said: " Oh leader of the resistance! Excuse me. Neither the Foreign Minister nor his regime do represent the Bahraini viewpoint. They already have no popular legitimacy. They took it by force. "

Another tweet by " ASMR JEFRY " said: " Oh our people in Lebanon, oh our beloved ones in Syria, the Bahraini Foreign Minister and his government don ' t represent us. We repudiate them and all their statements. "

" Al - Darazi ", another tweeter, wondered how dare he who torture his people this way to describe honorable people as being terrorists? "

Visitors of Al - Wassat Newspaper to Al Khalifa: You Are the Last to Talk about Terrorism

Al - Wassat newspaper mentioned in a recent edition the Foreign Minister ' s statement in which he said that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is a " terrorist " who " fights his nation. " Al Khalifa also said that " arresting Nasrallah and saving Lebanon from him is a national and religious duty on all of us. "

Comments on the news by the Bahraini newspaper ' s followers came as follows:

Visitor number 1: " First of all, this is a bold intervention in the Lebanese affairs. Second, let us see how strong you are. "

Visitor number 11: " The terrorist on whom you are talking defeated Israel, which your country and all its friends in the Persian Gulf are afraid of fighting it. "

Visitor Number 13: " Who is more honest and honorable than Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah? Do not care oh leader. All the Islamic nation is by your side. May God protect you from the jealous and the spiteful people. "

Visitor number 2 commented as follows: " Of course he knows that Sayyed Nasrallah does what he says. Since he had promised with victory over his enemies, then he will overcome them. Israel is their protector. Once it is defeated they are also defeated. "

Visitor number 34 wondered: " There is no comment on those who destroyed the mosques and brought foreigners to kill an unarmed people!!! "

Visitor number 89 said: " What do we call those who think they are powerful by the foreign powers to kill their people? "(The comment meant the Saudi troops that engaged with the Bahraini forces to oppress the popular movement of 2011)

Visitor number 45: " You are the last people to talk about terrorism. Killing, torturing, prisons, destroying mosques, burning Qurans, discrimination, racism, oppression, genocide, stealing the country ' s resources, sectarian sedition, political nationalism, supporting terrorism, causing job losses, and war per identity. "

" I Sacrifice my Soul for You Sayyed Nasrallah "

Al - Wassat ' s visitors saluted Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Visitor 69 said: " I send greetings to Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah who defeated the Zionists and the enemies, and brought pride to the Arabs. " Moreover, visitor 85 said: " You make us proud. May God bless you and help you to defeat the enemies of this nation. "

" Oh Sayyed Nasrallah, everybody is busy wondering how to respond to your speech, and your smile is always on your face. You don ' t insult anybody, even your first enemy Israel, " commented visitor 138.

Visitor 108 wrote: " We hope that the Foreign Minister learns from Sayyed Nasrallah how to be loved by people, or at least by the people of his country. "

Visitor 167 commented: " I sum up words by saying that I sacrifice my soul for you Sayyed Nasrallah. May Allah lessens my life to lengthen his life. May Allah protect him to bring victories to this nation. "