The Obama administration has imposed a new round of sanctions against Tehran, targeting the Iranian currency, the rial, and the country’s auto industry.President Obama ordered the new sanctions on Monday in a move to put more pressure on Iran over its peaceful nuclear program.An unnamed American official told Reuters the executive order from Obama broadens multifaceted sanctions against Iran." The objective is to take aim at the rial and to make it as unusable a currency as possible, which is all part and parcel of our efforts to apply significant financial pressure on the government of Iran, " the official said.The United States alleges that Iran’s nuclear energy program is not peaceful, an accusation denied by Tehran.Washington claims that it is ready to talk with Tehran, although it announced new economic sanctions on Iran." Even as we intensify our pressure on the Iranian government, we hold the door open to a diplomatic solution that allows Iran to rejoin the community of nations if they meet their obligations. However, Iran must understand that time is not unlimited, " White House press secretary Jay Carney said.Iran says that it has the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes as a committed signatory to the nuclear Non - Proliferation Treaty(NPT) and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA).