British protesters will picket the US embassy in London in less than two weeks to show their outrage at the western interference in the Syrian crisis and to call for a halt in the interventionist policy.

The protest has been called by British anti - war campaign group the Stop the War Coalition that said the West should allow Syrians to decide on their future and keep its hands off the Middle Eastern nation. " The aim of the intervention so far has been to effect regime change, illegal under international law. The solution in Syria cannot lie in further militarizing the conflict, or in intervention by western powers, " the group said in a statement. " It is for the people of the Middle East to decide their own future. The western powers have a record and history of intervention which has been a key source of the region ' s problems, " it added. The Stop the War Coalition said an intervention in Syria in the form of arming Syrian foreign - backed militants is backed by only 24 percent of Britons while 72 percent want an end to London ' s warmongering following the catastrophic interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq. The group has also sent a letter to the British Prime Minister ' s office calling on his government to recognize the fact that " the future of Syria is for the Syrian people alone to decide, and that your actions can only worsen the situation ".