The Red Cross has expressed alarm over the situation in the Syrian town of Qusayr, and has appealed for access to deliver aid.

Thousands of civilians are believed to be trapped in the town, which is a bastion for numerous terrorist groups fighting against the government with support of the United States and its western allies.

The more than two - weeks battle for freeing the town has made medical supplies, food and water scarce, the Red Cross says.

However, humanitarian needs are not dire only in Qusayr, as several other towns and villages are under militants’ siege across the country.

Situation is alarming in the province of Aleppo with western - backed terrorist have held some areas under a strict 11 - month blockade, letting no food or medicine or any other supplies in the area.

There are daily reports of people being killed in Nubbul and al - Zahra by the terrorists who usually post videos of their crimes on the Internet.

International organizations have remained silent about what happens in most of the cities in Syria.

With the growing bloody crisis in the war - torn country which once was famous for being home to many of world’s most beautiful historian and ancient sites, US and its international and regional allies are pushing for ways to send more arms to the numerous militant and terrorist groups who have infiltrated the country to fight against the government.

On Tuesday the European Union agreed to lift its embargo against arming insurgents in a bid to prop up militants in the face of the Syrian army ' s advances.

Western countries have already been supplying insurgents with what they call “non - lethal” equipment but the new decision marks a turning point in EU ' s support of the militants.