An Israeli human rights activist asked for worldwide support for the Muslim community, reiterating that Israel, and not Islam, is the real threat posed to the world.

The remarks were made by Dr. Nurit Peled - Elhanan addressing a ceremony marking the International Women ' s Day in Strasbourg, France. " Islam like Judaism and Christianity is in itself not a threat to me or to anyone, but American imperialism is, European indifference is … and Israeli racism and its cruel occupying regime is, " Peled - Elhanan said. She noted that the US and the UK are infecting their citizens with a blind fear of the Muslims " despite the fact that the people who are destroying the world today are not Muslims ". Peled - Elhanan underlined that Islam is not a threat, but the real threat is Israel and the Israeli army. Peled - Elhanan is the mother of Smadar Elhanan who was 13 years when killed in a bombing incident in al - Quds(Jerusalem) in September 1997.