Syria’s opposition is not only struggling with deep internal rifts emerged recently between its leader, their armed insurgents are also showing signs of more conflicts with killing each other over properties.

Several of terrorists were killed in clashes between two groups of them of distribution of stolen items in Aleppo. Several others were also injured according to a source that told SANA news agency.

The terrorists used different kinds of weapons and hand grenades, and fought with each other for several hours.

Another fight took place among members of one terrorist group, some of them from al - Nusra Front terrorist organization in al - Maysar area in Aleppo countryside. Many were killed in this clash as well.

Meanwhile Syrian army continues its operations against terrorists across the country.

They could clear al - Daba’a Airport, near strategic town of al - Qusayr, from terrorists. The airport was already under control of the army and there were small number of militants hiding in some parts of the facility.