Two more Bahraini nationals fighting on behalf of al - Nusra Front’s terrorist group have been killed in Syria, according to social media networks’ reports.

Abdol Aziz al - Othman, 17, and Abdol Rahman al - Othman, 21, from Bahraini town of Aarad, were killed in last October in Syria during the army clashes with foreign - backed terror groups fighting the popular government of President Bashar al Assad.

Social networks circulated the news and clarified that the two killed belonged to the Bahraini Defense Forces.

A photo posted on social networks showed Abdol Aziz al - Othman wearing the Bahraini Defense forces uniform standing by gunmen in Syria.

As was the case when Bahraini former deputies met the armed opposition in Syria, the Bahraini regime still refuses to comment on the news.

This comes as al - Nusra Front has been blacklisted by the United Nations as a terrorist entity.

Syria has been hit by violence since mid - March 2011, and the Syrian government maintains that foreign actors are orchestrating the conflict, by supporting the armed terror groups providing them with arms and money.