The Syrian Army has apparently fully cut the supply routes of the foreign - backed terrorist groups in Homs and al - Qusayr as it recaptured the towns of Arjoun and Barraq.

Arjoun and Barraq in the northern countryside of al - Qusayr had been under the control of the armed groups for at least two years to smuggle arms and mercenaries to the city of al - Qusayr and Homs province.

The Syrian army discovered several tunnels which were being used by armed groups to smuggle arms, and killed or injured dozens of terrorists in its battle for the townships.

According to a report armed groups had robbed the houses of people in the area.

Meanwhile, Syrian official news agency reported that the Syrian Army launched an ambush on those terrorists who were trying to flee al - Qusayr city through Shamsin village near Homs - Damascus highway.

The agency quoted an official source as saying that many insurgents were killed and injured in the ambush, adding that these terrorists were affiliated to the so - called " Al - Tawhid Brigade ".

SANA also reported that the Army chased armed groups in al - Jawadiyeh village in al - Qusayr countryside, “leaving many of their members killed and injured. ”