The UN Security Council has agreed to put the name of Syria ' s al - Nusra Front, an affiliated militant group of al Qaeda, in its sanctions blacklist.

The United Nations said none of the 15 council members objected to adding al - Nusra as an alias of al - Qaida terrorist group by the deadline Thursday.

The decision by the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against al - Qaida officially published on Friday, subjecting al - Nusra to a global arms embargo and asset freeze.

Al - Nusra has emerged as the most organized militant group fighting against President Bashar Assad ' s government. It joined ranks with al - Qaida in Iraq in early April.

On May 16, al - Nusra leader Muhammad al - Jawlani was also designated as a " global terrorist, " subjecting to more sanctions.

According to political analysts, the so - called Free Syrian Army(FSA) closely cooperates with the al - Qaeda - linked terrorist group al - Nusra Front under the auspices of the US and the Israeli regime.

“Anybody calling himself Free Syrian Army is in fact a representative of al - Nusra Front, ” said American author and historian Webster Griffin Tarpley in an earlier interview with Press TV.

“We are getting reports every day of more and more units of the so - called FSA, showing their true colors or going over to al - Nusra and proclaiming themselves full - fledged terrorists, al - Qaeda disciples, death squads in every sense of the word, ” Tarpley stated.