Seven people have died in a landslide on a road in Mexico’s central state of Hidalgo, the federal police say.
The deadly incident took place on Sunday, burying a number of cars under mud and trees. Local residents of the nearby town of Tepeji del Rio warned officials that they had noticed the land above the road appeared to be unstable. Hidalgo governor Jose Francisco Olvera said that the deaths could have been prevented, although assessing the state of the hill when the warning was made would have been difficult because of heavy rainfall. Tepeji del Rio residents say a hailstorm on May 26 also caused at least 22 cars to be dragged into a canyon. Officials say the hailstorm in Tepeji del Rio caused the deadly landslide late Sunday. Earlier on the same day, 16 people were killed in a highway accident in Hidalgo. On May 23, a passenger van fell off a cliff of 300 meters in the town of Tianguistengo. Eleven people died and ten others sustained injuries.