Leading veterans’ charities have slammed the UK government’s crackdown on welfare benefits, which is affecting former army war veterans, who are now disabled.
Severely wounded veterans that took part in the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were once entitled to incapacity benefits and are now being told they no longer qualify. These controversial judgments have pushed thousands of ex-soldiers to the breadline. The chief executive of the Veterans Charity, Danny Greeno said, “It is becoming an unbearable situation. It should not be happening to people who have served their country. The people doing these assessments need to be properly qualified.” Greeno added that many of these ex-soldiers are already on the breadline and that most of them are unable to work as they suffer with post-traumatic stress disorder. An example shows 35 year-old Mark Dryden, who lost his right arm due to a roadside bomb in Iraq. He was awarded incapacity benefit in 2008 but had it withdrawn this year under the coalition government’s measures of savage cuts to the benefit system.