Researchers for the Scottish National Party(SNP) have said that an independent Scotland would see an instant boom in foreign investment as the country would not be viewed as an outpost of London.
The SNP researchers referred to the boom that Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia experienced after they ended their ties with Russia in the 1990s. Research was also produced, proposing that the Scots may be even better placed than the former countries of the Soviet Union, which saw the reclaiming of their national identities after the collapse of Communism. The research found that Scotland already has an established market economy unlike the then Eastern Bloc nations. The study stated, "There is evidence some of the most recently independent small countries in Europe experienced a surge in overseas investment in the immediate aftermath of independence.” Director of the pro-independence network Business for Scotland, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said that independence can benefit economies in many ways and that “growth in foreign direct investment is one of them.” Moreover, Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said last week that UK financial decisions held Scotland back “for generations” in terms of jobs and damaged economic growth.