Former U. S. Intelligence Linguist Scott Rickard says Senator John McCain’s visit to Syria is “high treason” as Washington does not have relations with Damascus more than a year.“John McCain’s visit to Syria is another clear indication of U. S. military and intelligence involvement in Syria”, he said in a phone interview with a news agency.“This is yet another extremely reckless, extremely irresponsible move by American politicians or diplomats”, Rickard added.“These are the kinds of activities that you had in Libya with Ambassador Stevens … he was not acting as a diplomat, he was acting as an arms dealer. ”“This is high treason. You’re crossing the border of a country that pull out your embassy. We cancelled our embassy there in February of last year. So for over a year we don’t even have diplomatic relations with Syria”, the analyst said.McCain made a surprise visit to Syria on Monday and met with militants fighting against the government of President Bashar al - Assad amid American officials’ efforts to beef up their military aid to foreign - backed armed groups in the country.The Arizona Republican made the trip from Turkey into Syria alongside Gen. Salam Idris.Last month, Republican senators pressed the U. S. president for a military attack against Syria. Obama said using chemical weapons by Syria would be a red line that, if crossed, would prompt the U. S. into direct action.