Iran says the confirmation of electoral fraud in Canada’s 2011 federal election casts doubt on the legitimacy of Prime Minister Stephen Harper ' s government.
The Canadian Federal Court’s confirmation of “Robocalls scandal” indicates the absence of a democratic and fair mechanism in the country’s electoral system, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Araqchi said on Tuesday. Araqchi further scoffed at Ottawa’s meddlesome remarks about the upcoming presidential election in Iran, saying the Canadian government is attempting to divert the people’s attention away from the large - scale fraud there.
“The Canadian government’s recourse to projection in its foreign policy, especially by leveling accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, will not exonerate this government of its responsibility and accountability before the world and Canada’s public opinion regarding the Robocalls scandal, ” he stated.
The official said the Harper administration “is in no position to make accusations and baseless remarks about democracy in other countries” given the violation of basic rights of Canadian minorities, including the country’s aborigines. The conservative ruling party is charged with deliberately directing Canadian citizens to incorrect or non - existent polling stations through phone calls prior to the 2011 federal election.Iran condemns UAE ' s football politicizationAraqchi also condemned the UAE Football Association’s move to rename the country’s Pro League to ' Arabian Gulf ' League. “Using football for political purposes, especially through distorting facts, contravenes the FIFA’s statute, ” he said, noting that the Iranian Football Federation is following up on the case.
“Changing well - known names is indicative of a political decision behind the scenes, and this is a mistake made by the UAE government, ” he added.
Several international scientific conferences have been held in recent years to discuss the historical roots of the Persian Gulf. Researchers from the most reputable academic centers worldwide are almost unanimous that the body of water has been referred to as the Persian Gulf throughout history. Some regional countries and Western publications, however, continue to distort historical facts by omitting “Persian” from the full name.