Iraqi politicians have asked their government to act on Turkey’s hostile moves against Iraq, referring to Ankara’s hosting of a recent conference on using force to topple the government in Baghdad.

Turkish officials hosted a meeting in Istanbul on Friday, with a number of Iraqi anti - government figures including fugitive former vice president Tariq al - Hashimi, to mull ways to using force to topple the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al - Maliki.

Former member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives from the Iraqi Accord Front, Abdul Nasir Karim Yusuf al - Janabi, along with other fugitives such as Omar al - Karbouli, and Ahmad al - Dayeni which are all wanted for prosecution by Interpol as well as the Iraqi Police, under charges of participating in acts of terror, were present at the conference.

The conference sparked anger among Iraqi officials, expressing worries about Turkey’s dangerous intentions behind hosting the meeting which would target Iraq’s security.

“Ankara’s behavior(in hosting the conference) is a hostile act and Turkey wants to get help from famous terrorists to penetrate into the Islamic world once again, ” Iraqi MP Ali al - Shalah said on the matter.

“Should Turkey reject handing over the terrorists to the Iraqi government, this country is considered as a partner in all their crimes, ” he added.

A member of Iraq ' s Integrity Committee, Aliya Nasseef also said Turkey is targeting Iraq’s national unity by providing shelter to terrorists who act against the Iraqi government.

Tariq al - Hashimi has been charged by Iraq’s criminal court with several murders. Hashimi fled to Iraqi Kurdistan region to avoid arrest on murder charges.

The Central Criminal Court of Iraq convicted and sentenced him in absentia to death on September 9,2012. As of April 2012, Hashimi is living in Ankara, Turkey, with the assurance that he will not be extradited.