Britain ' s retail sales volume has unexpectedly dropped in April, indicating continued weakness in consumer spending.
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) said the retail sales, including automotive fuel, fell by 1.3 percent in April compared to last month. This comes as economists had expected little or no monthly decline in retail sales volume. According to the ONS, total food sales plunged 4.1 percent in April; the weakest showing since 2011. The ONS report revealed the restricted demand on food sales is mainly due to falling wages, increasing cost of living in the country, and the unusually bleak weather. High street shops also suffered a 0.2 percent contraction in the amount of money spent on the same month last year, the biggest year-on-year fall in retail spending since the turn of the century. "This rise in prices will have squeezed consumers' disposable income, possibly resulting in them buying less or substituting cheaper goods for their normal purchases," the ONS said.