Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi lashed out at his French counterpart for his recent call for stricter sanctions on Iran, yet he underlined that the demand signifies the ineffectiveness of the restrictions already in place against the Iranian economy.

French Defense Minister Jean - Yves Le Drian on Friday said that the United States and European nations should take " decisive sanctions " against Iran over its nuclear program. In reply, Vahdi strongly criticized the French officials ' stance, and said, " By such remarks, they have acknowledged that they are seeking stricter sanctions because the existing sanctions have so far been ineffective and futile, and that is an apparent indication of the inefficiency of the US and the West sanctions on the Islamic Iran. " The Iranian minister pointed to the severe financial and economic crises in France, and called on French officials to abandon such hostile remarks and try to find ways to remove their country ' s existing crises and problems. Vahidi further stressed that despite all sanctions and threats, the Iranian nation will not retreat from it inalienable rights.