Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced that over 100 prominent politicians in different countries of the world have admitted Iran ' s unique progress scientific and technological fields.

" Perhaps over 100 world politicians have frankly announced their expectations from Iran in their talks with me and said ' we know why the world bullying powers are afraid of Iran so much ', " Ahmadinejad said addressing a ceremony to inaugurate the Iranian scientists ' new achievements in new energy resources in Tehran on Sunday. " They then told me that the bullying powers are afraid of Iran because Iran is the only country which stands and resists and presents a model for the world management, " Ahmadinejad continued. In recent years, Iranian scientists and experts have taken wide leaps in scientific, medical and technological fields. In February, President Ahmadinejad hailed the young people of the country for their astonishing scientific and technological progress, and said Iran ' s scientific production has increased more than seven times during the last 7 years. " Iran achieves scientific productions, glory and success on a daily basis and the country ' s scientific production has grown 7 times during the last 7 years, " Ahmadinejad said, addressing a ceremony to honor Iran ' s academic elites in Tehran at the time. He appreciated the Iranian young people for their efforts and achievements in technological and scientific fields, and said, " If a nation decides to make progress, God will facilitate its move. "