Sen. Chuck Grassley(R - Iowa) has sharply criticized the U. S. administration of President Barack Obama for failing over foreign policy.The senator took to the Twitter website on Saturday with more unique posts.Grassley sounded a warning early Saturday on one area where he thinks America is suffering:“US has no foreign policy. We shld remember what happened th last time we had no foreign policy. It was Sept 1939 Hitler started WWII Poland. ” Huffington Post
According to Pew Research September 2012 survey, four - in - ten Americans said the U. S. relies on military strength too much to achieve its foreign policy goals.Most think the U. S. should be less involved in Middle East leadership changes.Americans surveyed in Dec. 2012 said by a 63% to 27% margin that the U. S. did not have a responsibility to do something about Syria.There has been strong opposition to American drone strikes. In 17 of 20 countries surveyed last spring, more than half disapproved of the U. S. conducting drone attacks. The policy was particularly unpopular in majority - Muslim nations, but it also faced disapproval in Europe and other regions as well.Our surveys have found growing support since 2010 for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan “as soon as possible”. In October 2012, six - in - ten said they want the troops removed as soon as possible, up from just 40 percent in 2010.