Police in France have arrested two brothers suspected of being behind an online threat to carry out a mass killing at a high school, officials say.
The two brothers, in their 20s, were arrested on Saturday in the country’s east. Police believe that one of the suspects is the man who posted the threatening message from an Internet cafe.
“I live in a certain town where there is a certain high school and on Friday I will leave my mark in history, ” said the message, adding, “The lives of many, including mine, will end on this day. ”
“My uncle has a hunting rifle and I have ‘borrowed’ his semi-automatic. I know how to use it and use it I will, believe me,” concluded the anonymous note. Following the threat, more than 700 police officers were sent to 59 high schools in the eastern region of Strasbourg on Friday. The arrest comes two days after a 50-year-old man shot himself to death in front of a group of children at a primary school in the French capital, Paris. The top educational official of Paris, Francois Weil, said the incident happened on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. local time (0930 GMT) at La Rochefoucauld School after the man forced his way into the school with a sawn-off shotgun.