Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Moscow will continue its efforts to solve the crisis in Syria as soon as possible away from any foreign intervention. "We want to work for halting the violence as soon as possible and we will support Syria’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity," Russia Today Website quoted Putin as saying after a meeting with his South African counterpart , Jacob Zuma." President Putin added,” Russia and South Africa have agreed to continue coordinating their stances regarding the Syrian issue." Pushkov: US shouldn't think in Imposing no-Fly zone in Syria Chairman of the Russian Duma's foreign affairs committee Alexei Pushkov said that the US should not think in imposing no-fly zones in Syria. "I think that sending missiles is a message as we don't support any foreign intervention in the Syrian affairs," Pushkov added in an interview with CNN. "We are against imposing no-fly zones as it will be considered a first step towards an air intervention." He said. On the Russian weapon agreement with Syria to send land-to-air advanced missiles to it, Pushkov affirmed "I think the issue is very complicated as the Syrian government asked Russia to supply it with missiles to protect the country from the air raids."