Syria's permanent Envoy to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said that the draft resolution on Syria submitted to the General Assembly seeks to inflame situation in Syria, adding "it represents swimming against stream in light of the Russian-US rapprochement which was welcomed by Syria." "It is surprising that the draft resolution was presented within the item titled- prevention of the outbreak of armed conflicts- while the context of the draft totally contradicts this noble address as it has sought to escalate the crisis and instigate violence in Syria through creating a dangerous precedent in the international relations, which try to give legitimacy to offering weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria," al-Jaafari said in a speech at the UN General Assembly session to discuss a draft resolution ion Syria. He added that the coalition which Qatar Envoy has talked about is divided and it is a side which doesn't even represent the opposition parties, it is a small faction of the external opposition which was founded in Qatar, adding that the heinous crimes, kidnappings, assassinations and the destruction of the sanctities by the terrorists are a little of what is going on in Syria. "Giving Syria seat to al-Doha coalition in the Arab League and the attempt to get the UN involved by giving a delusive representation to it aim at breaking off the road in front of the solution to the crisis and tearing down the Syrian state," al-Jaafari said. "We bring your attention to the destructive role of the Arab League, led by Qatar and Saudi Arabia in addition to Turkey against Syria as the Arab League has given legitimacy to provide the terrorists with weapons," al-Jaafari added. He affirmed that it was surprising that some countries which pretend seeking democracy and freedom to Syria confiscate the right of the Syrian people in electing their representatives and leadership. "Each time the signs of a political solution have occur in Syria, the terrorist acts increase and the steps of a number of countries accelerate to abort this approach," al-Jaafari added. Chinese Representative to UN: China Believes in Political Solution to Resolve Crisis Chinese Permanent Representative to UN, Li Baodong , stressed that China believes in the political solution to the crisis in Syria, stressing that Syria's future will be decided by the Syrian people without foreign interference. Addressing the UN General Assembly, the Chinese representative said that China is concerned about the resolution which will be presented for voting, calling for solving the crisis in Syria. He said that the result is not in favor of the Syrian people, regional countries and the international community in general, adding that the international community should respect the independence and territorial integrity of Syria. "China urges the Syrian government and opposition to fulfill their commitments and stop violence to start political talks as soonest," the Chinese representative stated.