Russia has ordered the expulsion of a US diplomat accused of attempting to recruit a Russian agent for the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA).
On Tuesday, Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) identified the man as Ryan C. Fogle, who purportedly worked undercover as the third secretary of the political section of US embassy in Moscow FSB said Fogle was trying to recruit a Russian agent when he was discovered with a large stash of money. Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the United States’ "provocative acts in the spirit of the Cold War," saying it would summon US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul on Wednesday. US State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell confirmed the arrest saying, "We can confirm that an officer at our US embassy in Moscow was briefly detained and was released." "We've seen the Russian foreign ministry announcement and we have no further comment at this time… I do not have anything more for you on the details of the case." The foreign ministry declared Fogle to be persona non grata, and said he should return to US “as soon as possible.” Photos published by Russia Today showed a Russian document used by Fogle entitled "printed instructions for the Russian citizen being recruited.” The document read, "Dear Friend. This is an advance from somebody, who is impressed with your professionalism, and who would value highly your future cooperation with us." "We offer up to $1 million per year for long-term cooperation, with a promise for an additional bonus for information that will help us," it said, also offering $100,000 outright. Photos of a number of other equipments used by Fogle were also published.