Israel has reportedly set up a new office in an unidentified country in the Persian Gulf region following the closure of its missions in Arab states over the past years.
According to Israeli Foreign Ministry’s economic plan for 2013-2014, Tel Aviv has set up 11 new diplomatic missions in different countries since 2010 including an office in a Persian Gulf state, the website ofHa’aretzreported. Israel’s diplomatic mission in Oman was closed after the Second Intifada in 2000 and Qatar shut down Tel Aviv’s office, which had been opened in 1996, after Israel carried out theMolten Lead operation against the besieged Gaza Strip in 2009. However, documents published by the website, the Wikileaks, in 2010 indicate that Israeli diplomats have been in contact with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. According to one of the cables dated August 2005, then Bahrain Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed Bin Mubarak Al-Khalifa told the deputy American Ambassador in Manama that he had met “Israel’s roving ambassador, Bruce Kashdan” and Bahrain has had “quiet, businesslike contacts with Israel for some time.”