Martyr Musa was gunned down on Sunday the 5th of May by Soldiers in Suleja during a commemoration marking the birthday of Sayyidah Fatima al - Zahra(A). The funeral was attended by large number of people. Al - Zahra birthday commemoration takes place in various towns and cities across the country.
A Nigerian Army patrol team killed a member of the Shi’ite Islamic group, Musa Abubakar, on Sunday during a clash between the group and the patrol team in Suleja, Niger State. The clash occurred when the group held a procession to celebrate the birth of Lady Fatima, daughter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUT). The group’s spokesman, Hassan Adamu, told the News Agency of Nigeria on a telephone chat that Mr. Abubakar died hours later from the bullet wound he had sustained during the clash with the Army. He said the Army patrol van ran into the group’s possession around the vicinity of the IBB Market, questioning the group over their activity of occupying the road and ordering them to disperse. Mr. Adamu alleged that one of the soldiers started shooting sporadically during which Mr. Abubakar was hit by a stray bullet. He said that the group had earlier sought and obtained a police permit before embarking on the procession, saying they had been celebrating their leader’s birthday for the past 15 years, without molestation from any quarters. When contacted, the Deputy Director of the Nigerian Army Public Relations, Lt. Col. Omale Ochaguba, confirmed the incident but insisted that the group’s procession was illegal. The army spokesman said that during the incident, a stray bullet hit a member of the group in the abdomen, adding that the member was taken to the hospital where he later died. In his response, the Deputy Police Public Relations Officer (DPPRO), Richard Oguche, also confirmed the incident, saying that investigation has been opened into the fracas. Funeral Prayer for martyr Musa Sadeeq took place on Tuesday the 7th of May 2013 in his home town Suleja, Niger state.