After a year of political turmoil, Egyptians have been taking some time out to enjoy the “Sham Ennisim” national holiday. It is traditional to head to a park and have a picnic with family and friends. The holiday, which celebrates spring, is marked by people of all religions. “Family and friends go out to the parks and tourist sites to enjoy this wonderful day,” said one man in Cairo. Some people marked the day by heading out on a boat trip on the Nile river. “I hope that all days are like this one. I want Egyptians to be united. I wish them peace and I hope that the economy will recover,” another man commented. Special foods are prepared for the holiday, including salted and smoked herrings and fermented fish. Coloured eggs are also on the day’s celebratory menu. Euronews correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, in Cairo, said: “Sham Ennisim comes as a breather for Egyptians this year, to escape the atmosphere of political differences and security tension. It’s about enjoying the atmosphere and popular dishes that characterise this occasion.”