A cargo ship has slammed into a control tower in the Italian port of Genoa, killing at least three people. The crash left part of the structure leaning to one side. Four people were taken to hospital and at least six others were missing. It is believed some may have been trapped in the tower’s lift. The incident happened late on Tuesday night. A shift change was taking place at the time. Italian media have identified the ship as the “Jolly Nero” – operated by a Genoa-based company. There is no official word at this stage on what caused the crash, but reports suggest the ship’s motors jammed as it was leaving port – rendering it uncontrollable. “The tower collapsed and fell immediately into the sea,” said journalist Marco Fantasia, who works for Italian broadcaster Rai. “All that remains of the collapsed tower is an outside security stair structure, which is tilted at 45 degrees,” he continued. “This is a very large ship, a large cargo ship. It was driven by staff from Genoa, who were onboard to manoeuvre the ship. They are very experienced, so a human error is unlikely.”