Israel used " a new type of weapon ", a senior official at the Syrian military facility that came under attack from the Israeli Air Force.
Russia Today reporting that “When the blast came, it felt like an earthquake, ” said the source, who was present near the attack site on the outskirts of Damascus on Sunday morning. “Then a giant golden mushroom of fire appeared. This tells us that Israel used depleted uranium shells. ” Depleted uranium is a by - product of the uranium enrichment process that creates nuclear weapons, and was first used by the US in the Gulf conflict of 1991. Unlike the radioactive materials used in nuclear weapons, depleted uranium is not valued for its explosiveness, but for its toughness – it is 2.5 times as dense as steel – which allows it to penetrate heavy protection. Countries using depleted uranium weapons insist that the material is toxic, but not dangerously radioactive, as long as it remains outside the body. The source also claims the attack – if it managed to hit the objects it targeted – served more of a political than a military purpose. “Several civilian factories and buildings were destroyed. The target was just an ordinary weapons warehouse. The bombing is an ultimatum to us – it had no strategic motivation, ” added the source. “There was no valuable equipment at the site. It was all removed after a previous attack on the facility. The military losses from this are negligible, ” he added.