A renowned Pakistani religious scholar on Monday strongly condemned desecration of the holy shrine in Syria by the western backed terrorists terming it is an attempt to divide Muslims.

Chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council Allama Tahir Ashrafi stressed the need for unity among Muslim Ummah to fight the conspiracies of west against Islam.

Member of the Council for Islamic Ideology said that leaders of Muslim countries must come forward and play their role in restoring peace to Syria. The holy shrine of Hazrat Hujr Bin Uday Al - Kindi, the companion of Holy Prophet Mohammad(PBUH), near Damascus, was desecrated by western backed terrorists two - days ago. They not only destroyed the Hazrat Hujr’s shrine but also exhumed his body. Allama Tahir Ashrafi added that such attacks are not acceptable for any Muslim. He said that mosques and holy shrines must not be attacked by any one. “We are in the state of grief on such shameful incident, ” he went on to say. He viewed that imperialist forces are taking advantage of unrest in Muslim states. The religious scholar said that Iran being a major Islamic country can play a vital role in resolving crisis in Syria. The chairman of the Pakistan Ulema Council said that anti - Islam forces are trying to divide the Muslim world. He warned Muslim countries to remain vigilant against the conspiracies of West to spread the fire of sectarianism among Muslim Ummah. Allama Tahir Ashrafi said that unfortunately the rulers of majority of Muslim countries are weak and have become silent spectators to the American hegemony in the world. “Many Muslim rulers have become tools in the hands of imperialist forces, “maintained the religious scholar. He said that a conference of the heads of Muslim states must be called to devise a common strategy against western anti - Islam propaganda. The member of the Council for Islamic Ideology added that US has ruined Iraq and Afghanistan and now they are eying on other Islamic states. “Their objective is to capture the resources of Islamic countries, ” he said. Allama Tahir Ashrafi condemning the Zionist regimeˈs missile attacks on suburbs of Damascus said that Muslims have to unite to stop Zionist regime from carrying out such inhuman acts. “The Zionist regime has no right to attack Syria, ” noted the religious scholar. He said that United Nations(UN) has failed to stop Zionist regime from aggressive actions against Muslim states.