Does Islam really endorse decapitating and slashing women ' s abdominals? Does it endorse homosexuality and rape of the women? Is it really what Islam supports? It is not so.
Our Islam accepts none of these. Islam is not just a notion confined to just a cleric addressing commons in a local mosque. There is more to it. Our Islam, in its true sense, is a guiding light for the pious and an inferno for infidels and recalcitrant ones.
During the Scholars and Islamic Awakening conference, the above - mentioned questions were put to the Syrian head of the Islam unity research center.

He went on to answer: we are living in the Arabic Republic of Syria. What we have been witnessing is not a feud amongst Shies and Sonnies, but a strife triggered by some extremist and fanatic calques like al - Qaeda. They have done legion vandalism in Syria; destroying the Omavi Mosque and setting fire to an Islamic library.

My question for you is to whom that mosque belonged, Shies or Sonnies? Did it belong to Muslims or Christians? If that mosque belonged to Sonnies, why would they want to raze it? Why they set fire to the library? Why they detonated the school of the Islamic scholar Abdullah Seraj - Al - din?
Our enemies are in quest of digging tunnels under Islamic mausoleums and tombs and we should be on the qui vive to preserve these sites. They had no qualms to raze our sacred mosques and to destroy Hazrat Zaynab, Sekineh and Roghayeh ' graves and Mausoleums.
He went on to summarize some points made by Imam Khamenei in the inauguration of the conference quoting him say that; we should beware of the Palestinian nation and Syria. Because if, God forbidden, something were to happen to Syria and more blood were to be spilled and more people killed by the label of being shies, Sonnies, Alavi and Christianity, I swear to Almighty God that Arab nations will not be able to handle their affairsand will be doomed to failure.
If something happens to Syria, Other countries ' status will change drastically. They have entered the countries with the west and US baching them to destroy our country. They have entered our country adopting Rial, Euro and Dollar to kill those who say"LA Elah Ela ALLAH "wholeheartedly. The point is that the interactions of the West and Arab nations have made the situation fiendishly complicated. I do assure you that Syria is a vital and irreversible country amongst Arab Nations.
Why do you think Iran sides with Syrian government? It is because of the fact that Iran and Its Leader stand by those countries, which are supporters of the Palestinian people. Imam Khamenei ' s due attention to Syria is because of Palestine. The unity of Iran and Syria to support Palestinian results in Zionists ' collapse.