Turkey’s army will stage military exercises in the southern province of Adana near the border with Syria amid the ongoing turmoil in its neighboring Arab country.
The ten - day Yildirim - 2013 Mobilization Exercises will begin on Monday and wrap up on May 15, according to a statement issued by the Turkish General Staff. The statement added that the exercises would test the Turkish army’s mobilization systems and coordination between public institutions and armed forces in case of any possible conflict. Twelve armored vehicles, 60 stand - by personnel, some elements from public institutions and organizations as well as a private transportation company will take part in the drills. On May 2, one Turkish border guard was killed and six others were wounded in a clash with foreign - sponsored militants at the Syrian border. In August 2012, the Turkish army staged tank exercises near its border with Syria days after it reinforced its border troops with tanks, missile launchers and armored combat vehicles. Over two dozen tanks took part in the exercises in the Nusaybin district of Mardin Province, just two kilometers(about one mile) from the Syrian border. The maneuvers, conducted by the Mardin 70th Mechanized Brigade, were aimed at testing the tanks’ speed and maneuverability. Syria says Turkey supports the militant groups fighting against the Syrian government. Syrian President Bashar al - Assad told the Turkish dailyCumhuriyet in July 2012 that Turkey “has supplied all logistic support to the terrorists who have killed our people.” The crisis that erupted in Syria over two years ago has led to the death of many people, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers and security personnel.