A political analyst said that the desecration of a revered site in Syria shows that Wahhabi - backed terrorists behave similar to extremist US pastor Terry Jones who burnt the Holy Qur’an.
According to reports by online media, militants in Syria have raided the mausoleum of Hujr ibn Adi in the Damascus suburb of Adra, and transferred his remains to an unknown location. Mohsen Saleh, a professor at the Lebanese University, said in an interview that such attackers are financed and armed by the Wahhabis, adding they act in a similar way to Terry Jones.
“I think that these people are financed and armed by the Wahhabis who believe that all other Muslims are unbelievers… and they have also been ordered by the Americans and the Europeans, who really disregard any kind of sacred places of the Muslims. They are like Terry Jones exactly, who burnt the Qur’an and wanted to put the Qur’an into trial, ” he said on Friday.
The analyst added that the desecration revealed the “real face” of the militants who have no faith in Islam and “serve the Zionist and the American agenda in the region. ”
“These people belong to the tribal thinking who has been really working with the Wahhabis and the CIA and the Israeli Mossad, ” he noted.
Hujr - a close companion of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and a loyal supporter of the first Shia Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH) - led the army of Muslims to victory in several crucial battles. He and his sons were killed upon the order of the Umayyad Caliph Muawiyah in the year 660 CE.