A report says military technology data and classified documents at a high - profile US military contractor had been compromised for three years, while the company failed to take heed of security breach signs.
Bloomberg claimed that a Shanghai-based team of Chinese bloggers attacked QinetiQ North America computers from 2007 to 2010 and compromised most of the company’s research. QinetiQ is a major contributor to the US military in terms of secret satellites, drones, and software used by American Special Forces in Afghanistan and the Middle East. The compromised data run up to several terabytes, equal to hundreds of millions of pages of documents and data on weapons programs. China has frequently denied US claims accusing Chinese military of launching cyber attacks on major American government agencies and corporations, in turn blaming Washington for sponsoring such attacks against Beijing. “China is one of the main victims of cyber attacks,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said in a press conference in Beijing in February. He insisted that the United States has been the premier source of thousands of remote cyber attacks against nearly 40,000 China-based websites.