Massive Marches and Gatherings in Solidarity with Syria in Several Countries
A massive march to mark ' Workers ' Day ' in Amman have turned into a march for supporting Syria and its steadfastness.
More than 2000 Jordanian political activists representing various political and popular parties participated in the march and chanted slogans that support Syria ' s steadfastness against NATO and its conspiracies and against sheikhdoms of petrodollar who support the armed terrorist groups in Syria.They stressed the need to stand by Syria and reject foreign intervention in its domestic affairs.In Rabat, hundreds of youth in Morocco organized a popular march in solidarity with Syria against terrorism imposed on it by the armed terrorist groups.Participants strongly rejected foreign intervention in Syria ' s affairs, hailing the sacrifices of the Syrian Army in defending Syria ' s dignity and sovereignty.In Tunis, national parties and characters also organized a massive march in solidarity with Syria which has been facing global war.The participants stressed their rejection of foreign intervention which targets Syria ' s national stances by the western countries and their tools in the region, who support terrorists to kill the innocents in Syria.The participants, who raised Syrian flags, stressed that the Zionist entity is their main enemy.They underlined their categorical rejection of external interference in the internal affairs of Syria and denounced what the United States of America, the West and Qatar are doing of arming terrorists in service of the US - Zionist interests in the region.In Yemen, Higher Popular Committee for Supporting Syria and Arab Nation issues organized a gathering under the motto " Together to halt terrorism exportation to Syria and support the peaceful solution ".Speeches delivered expressed support to Syria ' s people and leadership.Head of the Committee, Nayef al - Kanis stressed that these activities reflect Yemeni people ' s stances that call for halting Syrians bloodshed and working for finding real and active solution to the crisis through national dialogue between all Syrians.He added there are sides exploited Yemeni youth poverty and sent them to fight in Syria with the armed terrorist groups.