A senior Syrian religious leader strongly condemned the abuse of the Syrian women in Turkey, and blamed foreign states for ongoing crimes against the Syrian people.

" Unfortunately, innocent Syrian girls are being abused in Turkey due to the crisis created by some countries(in Syria), " Prominent Syrian Mufti Sheikh Zakaria Saraya said at 'Ulamaand Islamic Awakening ' conference here in Tehran on Wednesday.He said that enemies are trying to undermine Syria because the country is part of the axis of resistance against the Zionist regime.The Syrian Mufti further called on Ulama to help find a diplomatic solution to the current crisis in his country.Local media had earlier reported that Syrian women who are living in refugee camps in the neighboring countries are facing sexual abuse and are being sold to rich men from the Persian Gulf Arab littoral states.A report by the Syrian Al - Mayadeen website said that Syrian women in refugee camps in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan are facing a tragic fate and are sent to the Persian Gulf Arab littoral states by human - traffickers.They are abused by rich men in these states in return for small amounts of money, the report added.