Scholars talked about " Great Prophet, Center of Unity among Muslim Ummah "

In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Great Prophet, Center of Unity among Muslim Ummah

With the aim of discussing issued identified by the Secretariat of the First Ulama and the Islamic Awakening Conference in Tehran, the “Great Prophet, Center of Unity among Muslim Ummah” Commission convened with the presence of eighty Ulamas, Muslim scholars and political and social activists from across the world on the 18thof Jamadi al - thani(Lunar Calendar), 09 Ordibehesht 1392(Solar Calendar), 29 April 2013. The meeting was chaired by Mohammad Osman Saleh. In this commission, twenty scholars presented their papers. Some of the participants in this commission meeting also made their comments.

The “Great Prophet, Center of Unity among Muslim Ummah” Commission discussed and emphasized the following points:

1 - The personality and practical and ethical tradition of the holy Porphet of Islam(PBUH) as a perfect human and the best of holy prophets should be re - discussed with the needs of societies today. Different aspects of the life of prophet should be also promoted to the world.

2 - Muslim Ulama should pay due attention to the behavioral and ethical patterns of the life of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) in order to lead the Muslim Ummah under such difficult and sophisticated circumstances. They should also consider Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) as their role model.

3 - Raising the awareness of the Islamic Ummah of the social and individual aspects of the life of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) is of the main responsibilities of the Ulema in the process of Islamic Awakening. This will undoubtedly play an important role in the development of the Islamic Awakening movement.

4 - Loving Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) should be given more consideration especially by Muslim Ulama as the most important center of unity, consolidation and solidarity among Muslims.

5 - The ethical and governance patterns of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) are a valuable treasure which should be considered as the center of the process of new Islamic civilization.

6 - Specifications and features of the governance and social systems applied by Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) in leading the Islamic Ummah should be considered as the main criteria for governance in Islamic societies.

7 - The Islamic Ummah should turn insult to Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) from a threat to an opportunity for internal unity and support the Islamic Awakening.

8 - The Islamic Ummah should copy the model holy prophet used to confront non - Muslims.

9 - Given the central role of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) in uniting Muslims, enemies of Islam are trying to remove the sanctity of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) by continuously insulting him. To stand against this, Muslims should not tolerate even a slight insult to Prophet Mohammad(PBUH).

10 - Muslim Ulama shall demand their governments to denounce insult to the divine prophets within international organizations and adopt necessary regulations for preventing such acts in the future. In this respect the sanctity of all divine prophets shall be preserved and any insult to them is needed to be prohibited in the international rules and regulations.

Participants in this commission appreciated the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution of the Islamic Republic of Iran for setting " the Great Prophet World Prize ", granted to the Muslim world scientists in three technological fields on annual basis.

The participants also proposed adoption and announcement of the " World Day the Great Prophet of Islam " with the purpose to deal with the insults against the Prophet of Islam and provide all freedom - loving and justice - seeking people around the world with the real image of the Great Prophet.